How long before receiving my item?

The duration of your product delivery is dependent upon the delivery option you have chosen. Moreover, in your honour we have kindly included the shipping days in brackets within those options. We aim to ship orders 24hours after the order has been placed.

How do I know which delivery option to select?

In honour of customer benefit, we have included a variety of shipping options. We have done so not only due to convenience but in the instant that there is a misfortune during this delivery period and you do not receive your item.

Additionally, it is essential that the appropriate delivery option is selected as in the instance of the misfortune previously mentioned as each option is mutually inclusive upon the compensation that can be claimed from the courier thus; thus the value of your product needs to match this. We have already placed an automated system in place in order to help aid this. 


How long before my item is shipped?

Items will be shipped within 1-2 days working days 


How will I know when my item has been shipped?

Once your item has been shipped you will receive email confirmation. 



What is the returns policy?

Due to the nature of the product we cannot accept returns.